Chatting is a kind of communication done through different means. Chatting is done online and offline. By chatting with people we can earn more people and more relations. By chatting with different kinds of people we will come to know different cultures, ethics etc followed by them. Chatting is done through web conferencing also. Web conferencing is a more specific online service, that is often sold as a service. Chatting is not only a chit chatting but it is a communication process that increases our knowledge around world. By talking to different people we will get knowledge from different things that we don’t know.In chatting we can get new ideas in business. The primary use of chatting is to share information via text with a group of other users. The potential of the business grows by chatting to different people. By knowing the expectations of different people we can design our products or ideas according to them. We can publicity our own products through chatting.

Now a days, different social media’s like twitter, linked in, Gmail, Facebook etc are playing an important role in networking and are responsible for rapid network processing so, the selection of networking type depends upon situation will successfully optimize the purpose of networking in marketing. Even online shopping sites have started chatting so that they can know the customers choices and need, that helps the vendor and the customers. Customers can easily find the required products and the vendors can also easily satisfy the customer needs. Through emails we can contact judicial system also. By that if we have any problem we can directly register and contact them. Any complaints relating to banks, phones, online shopping etc we can contact them very easily and get solved our problems.

People have a wrong perception that by chatting they destroy their lives. But it totally depends on the people. For the age group of 18 chatting for 10 hours or more is not good because he may not concentrate on his studies. For the age group of 25 chatting may help in growing his business by knowing different expectations of the people. Chatting makes strangers as friends and help in growing the existing relations. Chatting makes people connected all the time. Chatting helps to know the people more better which increases the emotions of the people. Finally chatting gives both positive and negative results, it totally depends on the people how we use it.

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