Cashless or Lesscash??

After the surprising announcement by PM Modi on national television , topic of cashless economy is receiving great importance.

Is this step of demonetisation really going to turn India into cashless economy?The country where less than five percent of all payments happen electronically can not become cash less in the wave of a moment.Surely, the move of demonetisation have put Indians in a situation to opt for digital transaction and this will ultimately lead to the use of less cash but calling it cashless will be morally incorrect.

In the coming days ,I can visualise India as lesscash economy and cashless is still a big question mark.Today also our beloved Indian choose cash as mode of payment because we are so much accustomed to follow a set pattern from ages.But,need of time is change,we require to change and this change is needed for our development,if so not,India will lag behind the other nations.

With the effort of our honourable Prime Minister,we are moving toward a new phase of growth and we need to contribute our effort by adhering to this movement of DIGITAL INDIA,then only we can call ourselves less cash economy.Cashless is still miles away.

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