Can India transform in to Digital India by merely launching the various programs?

Whole the world is progressing towards digitilization and of course this will improve the quality of life, transparency in system, fast delivery of various goods and services.The various steps taken by Govt of India towards digitilization of various systems, services and record keeping agencies are infact very good. Merely launching and huge publicity of such initiatives may not bring the digitilization in place. Follow up is very much essential and infrastructure and trained man power is the need of day to make such initiatives fruitful. We say e-transactions, cashless economy etc but where is the infrastructure, communication system and internet connectivity. How can we think of all these to implement quickly without developing proper and basic infrastructural facilities.

Still around 65% people of India are residing in Villages, most of them are not educated properly, how can they use all digital facilities. You can see various digital schemes launched by previous govt and present Govt, like national vehicle register, online birth and death certificate, driving licences, e-tendering, linking of RC and Driving licences with digi-lockers, all these schemes are not fully functional.

How many of you are able to see your various certificates and licences on line? How many of you are having smart phones? how many of you are having better internet connectivity? How many online services of the various offices of Govt of India and State Govt are functioning well, very few. India can become Digital India  when Govt will provide all the basic required facilities and trained man power in each and every office. Active participation of every man is also required to make the things digital. Finally we have to do a lot to transform India in to Digital India, we have to implement things properly and follow up the systems regularly.

Jai Hind !

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