Benefits of Fitness

Physical fitness is a state of health and well being and more specifically. The ability to perform aspects of sports and daily activity.

Staying active means keeping your body functioning at a high level. Regular exercise will maintain the performance of your lungs and heart to most efficiently burn off excess calories and keep your weight under control. Exercise will also improve muscle strength. Main benefit of physical activity is that it decreases the risk of heart disease. It can also decrease your risk of stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. It includes these activities like –swimming, jogging cycling etc. Any type of moderate activity like walking, swimming or organized sports can contribute to your physical fitness. Follow the regular warm up with several minutes of stretches to increase your flexibility and lower risk for injury.

Fitness is important for all people to stay active.  After a long work week many people try to fit lots of activity into the weekend and push their body excessively. Maintaining physical fitness can help prevent some diseases.


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