At first i would like to say that what is bond?According to me bond is a process of attachment which is developed between parents,close friends,childrens and siblings.This bond is described by emotions,love and trust.But i am going to write about the bondation of sibling.
It is one of the most beautiful,cute and important relation in the world.There is nothing stronger than the relationship between brother and sister.They are childhood friends.Having a sibling is a blissfulness.                                 
Siblings spend more time with each other during childhood to sister’s marriage.But the bonding are often the longest lasting relationship in whole life.Siblings fight,irritate but if there is a problem they are the one who would come first infront you to protect.I would like to share how i am different from my brother I am chaaty,he is quiet.I am outgoing,he is timid.I interact with everyone,he feels shy.I like making friends,he does not.Now i got married and sometimes there are many days gone without talking or without even a single text message but i still know that he is always there for me.
I like to share a few lines:
How many years have gone without celebrating “RAKHI” with my brother.
This year there are tears in my eyes,             
Because you are not here.
But still these lines clear,
That i still think of you as i do earlier.
I have some points which are true between brother and sister
*You have always loved the same favourite color,dishes and songs which made your brither             the best person to have by your side.
*No matter how this is big or small when you complain about your brother to your mom and               you always wanted your brother to get a nice scolding from your mom.
*The childhood time is great or like a struggle as to what get the maximum attention to                       parents.
*When you have the worst fight,you made sure that you were the one who won the fight.No               matter how that happened either by scratching your brother face or hair.
*Even when years pass but relation still remain the same which make your bond even                       strong.So please do not miss the chance to send “Rakhi” to other country where your                     brother is.
*If you get chance to celebrate “RAKSHA BANDHAN” please do not miss the chance.
*Whenever you both meet do not forget fight,irritated each other.Its refreshes old memories.
*Always remember that time when brother and sister fight for television remote.In that fight               both fight,mom came and off the television.

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