Be a Magical Candle to Someone !!!

Be a Magical Candle to someone

A candle is a powerful soul which burns itself to give light to someone. Light is a unique creation of god which is a symbol of hope, it is a ray of connecting hope with life so that our lives should always be an ideal journey to someone. In our lives we always get to meet or know such people who needs an inspiration to move ahead, people who are stuck at some part in their lives & people who needs a reason to live, our life should be a path shower to someone. If a person is having someone who considers him as a follower to him then it’s a big achievement in life.

There are ups & downs in everybody’s life & many people gets demotivated with the hardships to be faced ,candle’s are those people who burns themselves at that time to give brightness to others. In a family the head of the family irrespective of gender can be considered as a candle, because he/she is the one who takes care of everyone’s happiness. In everybody’s life there should be a motivating factor which helps him to stay energized & happening to face life & to live life. Living life should not be just like we have to live so we are living but it should be like we have to live it to the fullest. Every day should be lived as if it is our last day because then only we will be able to give our best for it.

I always had this urge to lead a life which can be a guide to someone. I always wanted to be a part in the society which makes a way for others to lead a great life. Being a candle is not easy, the one who gets burn is mostly not cared by all, it takes a lot of courage to develop this phase in ourselves, but when I see different cases of cruelty & crime in our society I strongly feel that now its time to be a candle for the society, to raise a voice irrespective of the thought of being burnt because when we start moving in a path which has hardships in it ,it is obvious that we will have to face many unfavorable circumstances which will lead to a lot discouragement for us but still its up to us how we want to define our life & we are solely responsible for its result.
The people who lead an inspirational life are the people who create history & we should always strive to be a part of such history.

“We all carry a candle with us if we come together & hold hands it will become a magical candle.”

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