Each profession has their dress code, Appearance doesn’t matter when you Dress well and carry yourself in a positive manner. First impression are formed in an appearance.
This is especially important in giving presentations, whether the audience is two members or thousand members.
You feel good, when you look good and feel better, you are more confidence than others treat you with more respect.
Your physical presentation should be on quality of your work.
Keeping high standard for your appearance will help you feel happier and more successful.
Look how leaders or managers dress in different positions and model your attire to match theirs
Educator may have different professional than the cooperate people if you are looking advance in your career,
dress like a people in next level up
When you see a doctor you can identify their attire doctor has professional dress code white coat.
A lawyer has a dress code with black dress.
Student has dress code with uniform.
Employee in the organization has a company logo represent in their brand uniforms.
Both men and women has the same attire for their respective professionalism.
It is more challenge for women because professional dress for women in a professional setting include tight fitting, unprofessional hair, too much make up, clothing is done casual make messy way.
Flashy colors and gaudy accessories will reflect poorly on your image just because you will be dressing to blend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress well.
A quality tailored suit will reflect well as it communicates respect for your profession and yourself.

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