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Well, did you see the adjacent picture carefully?  I’m sure most of you smiled…but I guess without the monk telling us, we are all following his message very skillfully I know it is THE 21st century we all have our own professional
horizons to be achieved.we all want to be rich, relaxed and live a king size life…we all have a dream of buying an Audi and a sea faced house. But what is all this making us into? ROBOTS may be.

A decade or two back, human beings had limited dreams, limited resources and a lot more family members and friends which let them live their life as humans…during that time the attachments were totally available I must say married couples, or unmarried for that matter indulged more into discussions, emotions, sharing, caring for each other unlike today.

Presently the couples look forward to getting into relationships in order to be ‘cool’ in front of their peers….the love and relationship is considered ‘rocking’ only if they take selfies, giving expensive surprises, click intimate photos and constantly go out for dinners and parties….this applies even to married couples… Presently the attachments tend to be unavailable, not only on our computers but also in our personal lives (which are not really personal and are just the FB updates). We tend to click a photo with our family in order to put in on the social media with a caption “family time.”

Lolzzz….Well, here I’m not blaming anyone for being too passionate about their professions or have a lot of dreams to be achieved…..But my only point is, while striving for your materialistic gains, are we losing on the most important and pleasure some trait of ours as humans?

The attachment…an emotional bond??? I guess, ‘YES’ came to your mind….It’s like we want to send an email, but we forget to attach the files…..something of this sort happens in our interactions with each other now a days…we want to interact but we don’t want to get emotionally involved in anything….Here I’m not only talking about the love relationships, but I also consider the emotional bond between friends, family members (especially parents), teachers, cousins, house-maids, and every other relationship.

We don’t need to be emotionally close to everyone, but you can at least feel attached to your parents and siblings? Well I guess I’m talking about something which seems unrealistic for today’s generation…as girls today, ask guys they meet for marriage ‘how much old furniture do you have at home?

In the sense ‘how many old people do you have at your home for which I have to be responsible?’…this seems absurd….isn’t it? In the process of gender equality and an effort to achieve equality with men, girls seem to have forgotten about what efforts did their mothers took to raise them, and how much time they gave while rearing you but currently, the parent-child bond just tends to be limited to meeting after office hours, may be during one of the meals, or while going for movies and malls.

Children seem to be more attached to the teachers and counselors in school than to their parents…having grandparents at  home is like a rare thing….how materialistic have we become? Why do we compete so much???? For what???? For just a good lifestyle? Which means having a big house, a big car, and a healthy bank balance? Aan haan…then we surely have become robots…It may be the need of an hour or this century…but then who decides the need?

Are we not getting involved in human bonds because we fear losing someone? Or we just don’t give a damn about all this ‘emotional drama’ as we may call it today?  Here I really envy people on the traffic signals or may be people living in orphanages, old age homes etc… who have a gang of their own.

They love each other, they care for each other, they marry, live together and stay happy. They surely don’t have the lifestyles we are looking for, but they have the most important thing in their life-emails…that’s the attachment…..and so they are HAPPY….(unless happiness means a big house for them)….Well folks, I’m not trying to discourage anyone or I’m not saying that we should strive for a better lifestyles….of course we should….and we should also look for our professional growth in terms of greater position and greater bank balance.

But I just want us all to be careful about- at the cost of WHAT? Think about it… let’s take some efforts to live life like living beings…and not like robots working mechanically (No offense to anyone who wants to live like that). I hope you get my point….

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