Are Modern Indian Women Empowered or Slave!!

Women in India can never be empowered till the time the men are not able to accept the empowered women. Good was the time when the women were only working in kitchens. At least they had time for themselves and men were ready to accept all the responsibilities out of home. Now since the women is educated she is capable enough handle all the responsibilities of professional fronts. Be it the choosing of schools, getting the homework done, the bank’s documentation and driving also and since she is a women and a mother too, she has no escape to cooking food , taking care of the kids and the other family members. Adding to this if she is working to earn money and supporting the family financially, she becomes a twenty four hours working slave.

The lady cannot escape from the responsibilities of the family of daily life like coordinating the timings for maids, contacting the coaching teachers , attending PTMs of kids, buying grocery, attending all function of family and friends, taking care of elderly in laws and parents and so so so..where a man can easily take an excuse of tiredness or stress after a long working day, a women has to look after the dinner and to put the plans for the next day before calling it a day.

The situation worsens when the house is dominated by some senior lady in the family who provides the list of Dos and Dont’s to her son to be followed by the so called empowered women. And if the lady fails to fulfill any of the responsibility then the society calls her arrogant and irresponsible. The women will never be empowered till the time the mental level of man raises, till the time men does not accept that yes the lady with him is equal. The men in insecurity finds various ways in which he can show the women down since in his heart he knows the women is stronger than him. The real meaning of women empowerment would be met only when the society specifically the men becomes more empathetic and cooperative towards the women.


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