Anti-Rape Footwear – No more Rape – NO means NO

Rape is not a Dirty Secret, it is a Violent Crime !!

Every girl get scared when heard  about rape . Rape is a violent crime which should be combat immediately . It takes away the freedom of woman whether it is clothes,night out or travelling in auto , bus etc .As we all know Nirbhaya gang rape shook the country .From silent candlelight marches to the deafening cries of slogans.

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Mostly women carry a taser or a pepper spray for their safety but if they forgot to carry sometimes then what happened ? Who will save them ?

               Here is the solution “ElectroSlipper”

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In 2015, Mandala began to think of ways to combat rape. Mandala’s ‘toys’ often comprised DIY frequency modulation kits, where he would sneak up on conversations with his family. After 17 attempts, and two years of experimenting, he came up with the ‘ElectroSlipper’.

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A GPS device is fitted in ElectroSlipper which sends out the location of the wearer to the family and the police .The first time we tested the slipper, I had to manually drain out the battery so that the man who volunteered would register a light shock instead of being hit by higher voltage.” says Mandala. “I also want to conduct a survey to see whether women prefer a detachable set-up or a fixed one,” he says.

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Mandala Says -People may forget to carry pepper spray, but they will not forget to put on their shoes before leaving home.

Guys What’s your Opinion ? Do you think these Electronic Slipper will help in combating Rape ? Now Girls are secure ? They can enjoy their life freely ? Can go wherever they want at anytime ?





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