Android technology is one of the most popular technology. In that time a phone has became necessity of every human being but android phone has both positive and negative effects so we also called that android is angel for our life and also devil for our life.

An Android phone is a device which us for entertainment and it is also very useful in student life for his studies and his future planing.

Android phone is also help in any emergency situation in which Android  helps you. it is developed a knowledge about our country, world, state ,city and any other matter. In Android many features gives many facilities like information about any matter so we can say that android is angel.


But a question put on every people’s mind a Android phone is good or not?

Android is not only angel for our life it also devil for our life. But a question is that how android is devil for life?

So we discuss about android’s another face.

Android is very harmful for peoples and mostly students because students and many people waste our time in playing and chatting.

Students spoil their studies in wasting time in android

People are not use android for benefit and to make new idea and good think.they wasting your time in whatsapp ,facebook,games and another.

They use android features to wasting your time so we can say that android is also devil for life.

Features of android –  

  • Multi touch
  • Storage
  • Video calling
  • Handset layouts
  • Web browser

 Android os(operating system) 

  • Jelly bean
  • Honeycomb
  • Froyo
  • Donut

“android is overtaking phone, industry what’s next”?is still? Question..

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