An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Haven’t you ever thought that you landed up in the wrong career or that you realized about your interests and potentials when it was too late for you to go back?

All of us, at one point of our lives, have faced a situation where we had to make a choice that would make our careers and many of us have made the wrong or unsatisfactory choices and regretted later on. Most of the times we take decisions solely on the basis of the monetary rewards of the career that often lead to midlife career change. The dissatisfaction that arises out of this dilemma causes work-life imbalance.

To make a career where you are completely satisfied and can give the most of your potentials is a very important factor to lead a content life. EMOTICONS India is one such organization which helps you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, your interest and your personality type, so that you make the right choice of career for yourself. EMOTICONS India is a psychological counseling, testing and training center located in Pune.


Amongst the wide range of services that it provides, aptitude testing is one of the highly used services being conducted individually at their Center as well as in Schools so that a large number of students can use the assessment and benefit from it. Students these days have become like sheep in the flock. Many of them tend to choose careers that are mainstream and in later stages of life seem clueless about the dissatisfaction they face in life. They find themselves getting stuck in the wrong jobs where they cannot give their best. An aptitude test helps students to gain a better insight about their abilities. It helps students to understand what they have in them, what they want in life and which career can best match up with their needs.


It also aids parents to understand the strengths of their child rather than pushing their children to take up careers against their wishes since it gives valid and empirically tested results.  It is very essential that students, who are the future of the country, find careers where they can excel since this will be beneficial for both the students as well as the field in which they shall make their careers.

A German Poet & Writer once said, “Men are so constituted, that everyone undertakes what he sees another successful in, whether he has aptitude for it or not.”


CEO of EMOTICONS India Ms. Nikunja Gujar says, “We have witnessed the plight of so many students who have made wrong career choices. An aptitude test is very important for students so they do not mess up with their careers. Aptitude test helps to understand capability in a particular field. But overall capability of a person cannot be estimated by aptitude test only. That’s where EMOTICONS India goes one step further.

It practices holistic capsule of conducting an aptitude test.  Since we have seen that so many students have an aptitude in some field and their interest in another or sometimes their personality type is suitable for a yet another filed/can give them a more rewarding job. That’s why at EMOTICONS India the aptitude, interest as well as personality of students are measured to widen the horizons of careers available and suitable for them. It helps them to get out of the dilemma and also boosts their confidence.


So if it is too late for you to rectify your mistake, make sure others don’t do the same one. Help your children, friends and other students to know their best career choice. Some people may not be able to express clearly but can perform miraculously. Proper guidance and assistance will make them real assets.

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