*Woahhh!! Happy 18th #legal*
Finally Done with your school-done with exams and turning 18 means celebration partyyyy funn!!!!!!!!


Life-“Duhh!  Wait a second! How can you forget me?”

The tables turned, the wind storms changed their directions, the ocean waves rose high above, the skies cried, the sun faded and the cold winter moon is all that’s left.
Things that were meant to stay forever seemed to fade away and all that’s left is darkness. The constant to your variable now seems to be a distant memory.

*What’s happening to my life? Hey, wait! Stop! Let me breathe-in the twists atleast! Please! Give me time
to breathe-in…*

Sorry but you got to deal with it. Well this is how life hits you and it hits you hard.

Feeling alone? Unloved? Lost? Stuck? Depressed? Directionless? Insomniac?


Stop right there and go out to some open place. No earphones- no virtual music- no technology. Go out and sit there. Look at the beauty around you.The trees- the grass- the sky- the breeze- the sound of nature. Try to absorb the real life. This is all that remains. You and me are mere elements and we’ll turn to dust from which we were born. But for now, while you’re alive, just close your eyes and BREATHE!

Seems tough to do? The past thoughts still bothering? Nostalgia hitting you hard?

In that case, just realise, that trying to find your constant is a futile effort. All that you’ve got has to end one day. It’s going to be difficult to go through. Your heart will ache. Sometimes you’ll  cry and at other times tears won’t even come out. But things will eventually work out. It will be okay. Everything happens for a reason. Be patient and give the reason a chance.

*Am I that bad? Why only me? I will never love anyone this much ever again and why should I? When people leave at the end.*
But hey,


Before these thoughts hold a grip on you just know one thing, ‘ … The real life lies in the journey and not the destination. Because destination is pre-decided but it’s the lessons learnt during the journey that make you who you are.’
The choice is yours. Either make yourself or get shattered to pieces. Either be cold or have the courage to spread the warmth anyway. Either change yourself or be strong enough to accept the way you are and face the world.

Because all of us have our ends destined in the grave. All our degrees and wealths are meaningless. What will keep us alive is what we are.
So remember to STOP- BREATHE- WAIT and LIVE HAPPILY because nobody really cares about your tears and pain. At the end only success stories remain. So learn from your failures and bad times and shine as if the galaxy is made of you!

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