Aditya to make ruin during Naksh-Keerti’s wedding in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai…

 As of now concentrating on Keerti and Naksh’s wedding, the arrangements will obviously start going full speed ahead. 

In any case, while both the familes are on the whole having an occasion time and are cheerful, times will definely take a U turn by Aditya entering the entire situation. Obviously, It will so happen that the more youthful part will run shopping alongside Keerti and Naksh. Aditya too will reach there with his companions where he will encounter Keerti. Keerti, Naksh comes and undermines him before Aditya pesters her.

Image result for Naksh and keerti Wedding in Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata HaiRelated imageSuhasini and her family go to Naira’s home and welcome everyone. Naira praises Naksh and writings Kartik to return home soon. Naitik and Manish are glad that their relationship has fortified all the more. Suhasini discloses to them that the wedding ought to be led toward the finish of this current month or they’ll need to hold up any longer. Naitik requests some more opportunity to think while Suhasini needs them to choose soon. She says that they can talk about their issues with them straightforwardly enough. She even swings to inquire as to whether he’s alright with it and Keerti has effectively concurred for it. Naksh leaves and Naira tails him. She continues inquiring as to whether he’s just apprehensive or there’s some other issue behind his uneasiness. Naksh is going to come clean yet says something different, that how his past has been frequenting him at whatever point this subject comes up. Naira apologizes to him and says that he should consent to it just on the off chance that he feels affirm with it. Naira returns and tells everyone that Naksh is prepared for the marriage.

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Naitik and Naira need the wedding to occur on a substantial scale yet Suhasini says that they ought to do it in a sanctuary with close family. Bua Ma comes and says that the marriage will be held by their decisions since it’s their child’s initially wedding. Naira handles the circumstance and says that every one of them have a ton of wishes for Naksh’s wedding. They’ll go to an attainable arrangement which suits both the families. Naitik and Manish concede to this and close the point.

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Manish and his sibling make Suhasini comprehend regarding why Naitik is sharp for a wondrous wedding. They approach her to alter for their desires so they can be cheerful. Keerti converses with Naira that her family should tune in to hers, while Manish catches her. Naksh additionally reveals to Gayu that the wedding ought to be as straightforward as could be allowed and Naitik tunes in to him. Suhasini gets a call from Naitik saying that they’re prepared for a straightforward wedding as they needed.

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Aditya gains of Keerti getting hitched to Naksh and will swear that if Keerti couldn’t be his, at that point he won’t let Keerti have a place with whatever other man and promises to devastate Naksh and Keerti’s wedding.

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