About the TRUE LOVE

Once upon A time there is a forest in that forest in that forest there are so many animals and birds are there in that same forest there is two birds one is parrot and the another one ku ku parrot is female and ku ku is male they both are friends from childhood kuku likes very much from the childhood it seems it has to propose to the parrot so that kuku is waiting to propose one it has dare to proposing that time it is very thefty but so it won’t flys any way but it has to fly finally it flys by the river on that time parrot is observing all this things on the way it has falling down to the river that time parrot will helping to come out from the river and giving some oxygen after opening his eyes it says I LOVE YOU to the parrot but that parrot will not agree with that because of the colour and it has little taller then the kuku on that time that kuku don’t know about the parrot is in loves to the other parrot but that another parrot cheated to that parrot but still that kuku likes that one day that parrot taking decision to suicide that time that kuku has comes to the parrot it will gives some confidence to the parrot and then the parrot will agree with the kuku after that both are living happily
Conclusion is about this story is who loves truly they will becomes succeed one of the time and the true love will not depends upon the colour and height it will depends upon their heart if you loves heart full and it will never fails.

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