About Classical Dance Forms

India is known for its Culture and  Dance forms all over the world . These Dance forms are generally classified as “ Classical “ or  “Folks . Different States has different Dance forms . In ancient times , these dance forms are considered as way to celebrate , worshiping etc. Here are eight Traditional/ Classical dances are given below :

1.    Bharatnatyam  : It is a Dance form from the state of Tamil Nadu. It is on top of the list. It is the combination of expression , beats , music and dance . Kanchipuram silk or Banaras silk is used as costume .

2.    Kathakali :It is used as “Story play “ and it is known for its heavy  and intense makeup  and green colour is used to paint face .

3.    Kathak : It is derived from the word “Katha” and dancers dance on the rhythm of table or pakhawaj. 

4.    Kuchipudi : It is the dance form of “Andhra Pradesh “and includes speech , abhinaya and pure dance .

5.    Odissi : Word “Odissi “ defines itself that it is of Odissa . It is famous for its Trihangi posture includes head,bust and torso .

6.    Sattriya : It represents dance-drama performances that includes and gestures, footwork, expressions, and body movements .

7.    Manipuri : It is one of the famous dance form . colorful decoration and costumes, charming music, gentle and swaying petal-soft foot movements and delicacy of performance are the characteristics.

8.    Mohiniyattam : Meaning of this word is beautiful dance . It represents feminine grace .Its costume includes white saree with golden border.

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