A World Without Dance

“A world without dance”. Dance is a form of art and imagining a life without art is just impossible for any human being. The world would be a very dull and a boring place devoid of imagination.

Dance is one of the many human experiences which cannot be suppressed. Dancing has existed at all times and among all people. Dance is a form of expression given to man just as speech, philosophy, painting and music. Our daily day to day actions can form a dance move. So there is dancing present in every individual from the day he is born till death. Dance follows in every journey of an individual’s life may it be in happy times, sadness, and anxiety. A dancer is in another world; no longer the world takes color from our gaze, but one that she weaves with her steps and builds with her gestures. For a dancer there is no outside, nothing exists beyond the system she sets up by her acts.

Dance has come a long way over the years. It is only getting better and stronger day by day. The only information we have about dance comes to us from the paintings created by primitive man over thousands of years ago. There are so many people maybe a child, an adult or an old person who loves dancing. Dance has always been a stressbuster. You can dance at any time. Dance is one of the many wonderful arts we have in this world and without this a part of the world will be without color.  With its strong emotions and heart squeezing actions anyone can dance, anyone can love and anyone can feel.

Dance has many advantages. It is the best remedy for a lot of things as it can release tension, stress and depression. The physical movement one makes along with the rhythm of music is to believe to release a lot of stress hormone and makes a person fresh. People tend to lose a lot of weight if they dance for atleast an hour a day. Dancing is a good way of reducing fat. Whenever a person feel sad, if he or she puts on her favourite song and starts dancing then it will put her into a groove and the person tends to forget all their worries. It is one of the best stressbusters. In today’s busy world, without dance the world will be full of stress and health issues and no person could live in peace.

Dance is a good of way of expressing your emotions. Through dance a strong message is passed on and makes the people aware of the happenings through dance and it touches the heart of many. Dance breaks down the distinction of body and soul. It lives in all mankind as a necessary motor-rhythmic expression of excess energy and joy of living.

In our own day, one of the keenest and most enlightened of educationists, Stanley Halt said “the revival of dancing is imperatively needed to give poise to the nerves, schooling to the emotions, strength to the will, and to harmonize the feelings and the intellect with the body which supports them.”

Dancing is the primitive expression alike of religion and love. What a man danced, that was his tribe, his social custom, his religion. You cannot find a single ancient mystery in which there is no dancing. Dancing has been a very most important part of a human life since ages. It shows and tells us about a particular customs and tradition. At the time of Stone Age, there were also dancing among the early man for communication and fun. To dance is to take part in the cosmic control of the world.

As our life becomes more and more artificial and we live more and more at second hand, we feel a growing need for that direct contact with life which is felt in dance.

A world without ‘Dance’ would definitely be a world without ‘Life’.  As it enlightens our lives and brings a smile to our face while we are dancing. We swallow the music beat and go with the music while dancing. So definitely we can say that dancing is a major part in a human life and without dance a part of the body seems to be missing and we cannot live a happy life without dance.

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