A Ray of Hope

Hope, a word whose beauty is directly proportional to the level of its perception. Nobody ever promised life to be a garden of roses, but still, each one of us strive hard in making it one!!Each minute is a struggle to get the best out of life. The most prominent factor in keeping this struggle on is hope.

A hope for betterment of life with every moment that passes by. We face a lot of situations in our day to day life where we feel lost, let down and weak but with the guiding light of hope, we are bound to bounce back at those tough times and overcome them. The most beautiful thing in life is to build a bridge of hope across a sea of despair.

Starting from the alarm that welcomes us to a bright and beautiful day to the yearly schedule we plan is influenced by this four letter word called hope. All of us are aware that we are the owners of only the present, yet we make plans and dream a future. The beauty of planning a future lies in the hope of executing it. Every small and big dream of ours is constantly fed with the hope of living it one day.

Hope is the source of all our happiness, dreams, sacrifice, hard work, success etc. Each of these words will find their true meaning only if we hope of living them. Dreams provoke us to work hard, make sacrifices and strive to get successful. Even on getting close to the success we wished for fills us with happiness.

What is that which triggered so many emotions from us? Every action of ours is influenced by a hope of seeing a reaction, and that hope is the trigger for all these emotions. The beginning of success is a hope of seeing it closely. As long as hope lasts within us we remain in the path of progress.

One of the most influential statements I have ever read about hope is-Even a stopped clock shows the right time twice a day. There is nothing that is hopeless at any point of time. We can always design our lives as per our dreams. Hope plays a major role in making us the architects of our lives.

The principle of four D’s is one of the best principle to be incorporated into our lives to achieve our goal. Dream, desire, determine and dedicate yourself to turn your dreams into reality, but do not forget to fuel your dreams with the magical feeling of hope.

A ray of hope is all that it takes to get us to our dreams!!

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