A look into Heritage and Culture through Allahabad Museum!!

Art lovers add this new place to your bucket list- Allahabad Museum- One of the finest museums in the country!

The Allahabad Museum located in the picturesque Chandrashekhar Azad Park (company bagh) is among the National level museums of India It gives the visitors a beautiful insight into the history, culture, heritage and independence movement of India. It is sprawled with lush green gardens.e Ministry of culture looks after it.

It’s Not Just A Museum

With a gallery each devoted to Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, the Allahabad Museum’s efforts to document the Indian Independence Movement cannot be expressed any better. The Gandhi Gallery displays, among other remnants, rare pictures of Gandhi from his childhood till death, while in the Nehru Gallery, one can find Pandit Nehru’s original manuscripts called ‘In and Out of Prison’ which were later published as his autobiography The Discovery of India, priceless documents, gifts, wedding cards and letters, including some from the Mahatma himself.

The museum is most famous for its rock sculptors, the miniature paintings from Rajasthan, Terracotta from Kaushambi, literary and artwork from Bengal School of art.It was originally established under the aegis of Allahabad Municipality in 1931 with a small collection of a model of birds and animals.

The museum offers the great artifacts of the art, history, archaeology, architecture, environment, and literature. Beginning from the historic era of Harappan civilisation, the artifacts of the medieval period, the carvings from the Gupta and Khajuraho, to the independence struggle of India against Britishers, Allahabad museum is a treasure of Indian history. 

Recently, a new rock gallery was inaugurated in the museum which showcases the prehistoric rock arts. There is also a gallery for the Allahabad’s museum green project, where you can witness the eco-life of the present and past in the digital form. The museum also houses the large collection of Bengal School of Art and Modern Painting of Anagarika Govind, Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerich.

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