A Journey to the World of Selfishness…

The world today has been changed from ours to mine… People are being so selfish these days that they cannot even bother about helping the people around them. Most of the world is like give me something so that I can be thinking of something to do for you. The world is like I, me and mine.
An unknown power in this universe generally people call that power as God has created “People to love each other and things which are necessary for us and created by us to use, But, We in confusion are using people for our necessary works and loving the things created by us.
Now-a-days the love people show on the things is very less than the love they are showering on the other people around them. This is because of the selfishness being built in the mind, heart and blood of the people.
We are not realizing that happiness doesn’t come through selfishness but through selflessness. Everything we do will come back around. The more negative we will be to others and we will be reflected with the same on us some other time.
We people are so jealous that we cannot even enjoy the success of the people around us. People around us being happy will not result in a happy situation to us. We will enjoy more and more if the people around us are sad and suffering from some problems.
Everyone in the world is thinking that being beautiful means appealing colorful physically to the outer world, but no one is being realized that one should be beautiful from the heart. The world will be much beautiful and colorful if people on this earth think that being beautiful should be happened by helping other being good with other.
In today’s world we are being such busy that we can’t even interact with people around us. It is like the people will be beside us and we will be busy doing our own works. We are not even bothered of interacting with them and we are not even caring or being with them.
This world should be changed to the most beautiful and the selfishness, jealousy being busy and blaming others for un-important things should be go out from the people’s mind, heart and blood. This can be done with caring people interacting with people and being a beautiful hearted person…

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