A girl who knew nothing

Admist the dust and gravel of the city, a girl who knew nothing was wandering lonely. Unaware of the judgements and opinions she was trying to pave a way for herself. It wasn’t easy. But life was never fair to her. She was somewhere prepared for it as her past experiences helped her a lot with coping. Keeping things straight was not her forte as curves were what she had flaunted all these while. Being stabbed was not a fear anymore.

A girl child brings worry to her family. But this myth is way too old to be realized. Let her wings soar high up in the sky. Now is the time to set her free. Even if she knows nothing, she will explore. She will make her identity out of darkness and masculinity. Clipping her feathers would not help her. She is a rebel, also. A helping hand is not what she requires. What is important,  a gentle push so that she can look over the boundaries. She does not admire to be a boy because being a girl is the nature’s gift to her. If girls were so useless and unwanted then God would not have shaped this beauty out of his heart.

A girl who knew nothing is not afraid to lose, just let her fight!

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