A Feeling ! Away from home

Here I am sharing my feelings about away from home. Employed in another State or city is very difficult.

You have to convey up all the luxuries back range in the hope that you just are able to live a much better life within the future. Here are some struggles that you will be able to relate to if you work away from your hometown:

  1. You have to make the complete thing for yourself. From little things like Cooking, getting your gas refilled and paying the electricity bill, every day is a living fight.



2. Every day you missing your home and family and relatives. Mostly, you miss mummy and her delicious recipes.


3. Extra holidays mean fewer days at work. You are perpetually craving for ways that to increase your weekend as a result of a two-day weekend is simply not enough to travel home.


4. If your hometown is nearby to your working location then every weekend would be like a trip to your home. Every Friday or Saturday you will be travelling in bus or train to reach your hometown to spend your week off at your home.


5. Living in another city is costly. Even though you always make a plan every month to save money. Despite the fact that you begin consistently wanting to spare, you wind up spending each penny you gain on rent and different costs you didn’t even have a piece of information about when you inhabited home.


6. People who live far away from their home town have special relation with the flight and train booking sites. Especially IRCTC is like their BFF(Best Friend Forever). These people hate IRCTC when they got no booking or waiting list and love when they got confirm seats.



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