A Cup of Coffee – Build Your Network!

Connecting people and increase your network is always good for enhancing your Individual identity and even for your Business. How many people do you meet on weekly basis, how you keep in touch after your first interaction?

Discussions over a cup of coffee can be fruitful and can get you real strong connects if we behold ourselves with some rules of Networking.

a) Too Loud : In your first meeting with a stranger do not be too loud about yourself even though you must have done something great in your life still Be a Good Listener, understand what the other person has to say and then react on things.

b) Entry and Exit on time : Make sure you reach for your networking meet on pre decided time, a little late can be adjusted, a super late can spoil your reputation at fist instance itself. Do remember to exit also as per the time allocated for discussion. An One Hour meeting ending in 4 hours may not be always good.

c) Do Carry your Visiting Cards : Cards does not only meant for Business, you got some skills , you are a professional, you are a student , carrying a visiting card makes it easy to share your details and provides an opportunity for next level of discussion

d) Be ready to Pay Bill : Lol! Why to pay bills,when coffee can be free….  Take the first action to pay the bill of your networking meet as gratitude.

e) Correct Information : Lot of people shares information which they are un ware of to be correct or incorrect. It is always best to share your experiences and knowledge which tends to be 100% correct with confidence.

f) Keep Something for Next Session : Always look for something – an idea, a discussion, an object, business, sharing of knowledge. Anything which will keep make your coffee meet happening and full of chances to get next level of conversations.

Make your Coffee Meet always sparkling as this is one of meetings which can help you get new connects for your Business and Individual Growth.

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