7 Must Have Android Apps You Didn’t Know About(2017)

The Smartphone roar has turned the world upside down. Presently a mobile app is like an alpenstock of the digital era. Everyone needs it, to be where they want to be. There are millions of applications available these days but what matters is the feature that makes your application unique. Although each one of them is remarkable but some apps bring extraordinary and substantial features for you. And here we are exploring and bringing you the most interesting and coolest Android apps of 2017:

Monefy- Better Way to Track your Expenses

Managing undue expenses, budget issues or be it tracking your expenditure!  This app does it all for you. It is intended to be your personal finance application making money management an effortless task. You can easily check your spendings, manage report period, select your currency or calculate your expenditure through provided calculator. You can even synchronize data among various devices through your Dropbox account.


It provides you with an easy way to create and alter existing records, you can also add new categories or delete old ones. Along with these distinguishable features, it provides you with a magnificent user interface and allows you to form a back up of your expense sheet. Overall it is a handy app to manage your expenses which are already being used by millions of people.

Evie Launcher

Android headlines claim it to be ‘Deliciously Different” but there is something more about it that you need to know. Its recent update sets an enticing environment for the user. Evie provides users with a simple home screen replacement and not just this but it also makes it faster improving your experience. It gives you a quick navigation access with custom shortcuts and personalization features.


The recent version comes with much demanded customization options extending live wallpapers, home screen management, folder and widget redesigning and backup option. Evie’s lucidity, splendid design, and efficiency assemble to provide an interface that will improve the speed on Android.

SaveMyTime – Time Tracker

Well, are you one of those people who lose track of time once you are logged into your Facebook or opens up WhatsApp screen? Now, this could turn out be a life saver app for you. The application switches your basic lock screen and within every few minutes asks what you have been doing to keep a track. It provides you with a statistics about how much time have you been investing and how much wasting.


You can customise the features by adding up to nine activities and changing colour, name and icons of activities. The intuitively and user-friendly features make it an absolute application.

Blue Mail- Email Exchange

This is beautifully planned universal email client which can manage the unlimited number of accounts. It keeps all your emails together compiled in one place replacing the need for managing stock email apps in your phones. It is customised for offline use along with few other striking features like providing smart notification, set emails to later and enabling quick filtering and email encryption. Blue Mail provides a top notch email service and is opted by more than 1 million users.


LetzwApp- Phone Number Changer

LetzwApp is an application tool which provides you with a feature of instantly updating your smartphone contact when you need it. Remember running out of cell phone battery or having a signal problem was once an issue now this app comes as a remedy- it immediately updates your number in the contact list from the number provided.


It has the powerful feature of instantly sync your number with your contacts and also assigning dummy number which is one of a unique feature. Now, why to think about switching to a new number, feel free to opt for what you choose to.

Timbre-Cut, Join, Convert mp3

This app provides you with a platform for editing audio and video files. It provides you with a feature to cut join and convert video and audio files. You can pick any audio or video file from your device and edit it the way you want.


One of the most well-liked features of Timbre is high-quality mp3 and mp4 cutter. Another leading feature is that it allows you to transform text to speech. Integrating it to form a complete package for audio editors.

Fenix 2

Fenix escorts users to have a fresh, pleasing and modern Twitter experience. This app is still under high development and not completely released yet but is expected to do great due to its amazing appearance, support for multiple accounts, customisable screens, beautiful layout and variety of themes. Its free preview version is available so grab the opportunity and have an entirely different experience while accessing twitter.



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