Your Online Web Resume

Web Resume : Let me help you meet Mr Recruiter.
Job Seeker : How do I trust you to represent myself ?
Web Resume : I give you a opportunity to recreate yourself not only with words but a web page of your own.
Job Seeker : Sounds interesting !! My own profile page accessible any time with a short click.

Resume, it says it all about you. And to stand exclusive out of the stack of ones created using black and white word format, your resume needs to little more interactive and concise.

Major challenges faced while building resume include decision over relevant contents and size. And later while applying for the desired vacancies one often miss out inserting attachments. Considering the mentioned flaws in conventional process of resume making, don’t you think there is a need for evolution in the technique of building resume ? Indeed, there has to be one and enhanced methods of web resumes ease both creation for job seekers and filtration for recruiters in the industry.

Let me quote an example of a friend on how he widened his reach among resource management team. He created his web profile and linked it on social networking websites, quora and twitter to name a few. Being fortunate, he received a call for a work opportunity  in his desired domain. How easy it would have been for the hiring team to locate his profile while browsing. Gone are the days when you update your profile on virtually with no crystalline changes mainly to update “Date modified” and show active status.

Rather than this, it is more productive to spend quality time to construct a web portfolio with more graphics and readability. Having a web page of your own adds panache to your profile contents and saves time. It is too tedious and time killing task to download resume attachments and allocate a space to save it.

Creating web profile is amalgam of art and technology. Before talking about the technical steps involved in constructing the template, it is convenient to discuss about websites that help to make web resumes effectively. While sorting out for the best available website, important aspects to be kept in mind are interaction and flexibility to add more changes.

Few of the websites also provide animation to the portfolio, for instance traversing the contents like playing a mario game. Here is the link to one of those, Graphics, animation and crafted page provides rich interface to the reader. And two of the best perks are that many of these websites are absolutely free to use and after reviewing your profile contents, they provide them an option to notify you on the registered email ID and contact number. Following is the list of websites having impressive templates :

If many of the available formats fail to excite you and if you may spend little more time then you may execute your own template ideas.

This requires fundamental knowledge of HTML (Hypertext Mark Up Language). There are many sites that provide free learning tutorials for HTML basics.

It is easy to learn and add on to your skills also.

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