Your Language – Your Growth – Your Success

English Language is something which if one does not knows is treated as a person who is like an alien. Everyone can not be well versed with a language. But here the challenge is what is more important knowing English or speaking a decent language whether it is Hindi or any other language.
Just see you as a person who is speaking to someone and then person is doing conversation with you but the way of conversation is so indecent that you would not like to take it further . It happens because we do not think what words we should and what we shouldn’t’. We had been taught in school about grammar, punctuation , nouns they are important but they are only important when your way of speaking is pure with flaw of bad names or indecency.
You may give it a try just asking for your sibling , asking them anything as an order in loudly voice , the result can be dangerous whereas if your voice is low with a request then your are done with the order as a request with positive output.
There are people out there I see who get there work done , grow and achieve there success not with there skills, technical knowledge , education  but with there way of treating people , there conversation , and bringing smile son people faces.
So, next time you are going to talk to someone give it a try with decent language and see a different with growth with success!

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