Be it a homemaker or a working woman, both assume the same level of stress and responsibilities. Both have skills and capabilities that make them the best in whatever field they are. The choice of holds a particular role depends upon various factors like circumstances, culture, the level of conservatism, and more.

I am no one to critique about the role of a homemaker, undoubtedly, they are contributing their 100% selflessly with full dedication and love. I completely respect their role as a homemaker.

But here are my 5 reasons stating that why it is important for women to work?

  1. Independence

People say money is not everything. But I believe it is something, something really important. Being a homemaker you are providing your services and getting no financial benefits, you do get non-monetary benefits like sound family health, satisfaction, love, care and affection. U get the freedom to spend and take decisions. When you work you become financially independent.

  1. To get an aim in life

When you work you get an aim, an aim to grow, to become the one you always aspired to. As a homemaker, your life lacks this essence of aspiration. having an aim motivates you to lead a life on your terms.

  1. Recognition

You get recognized for the work you do, for the role you hole. It is very important to hold an identity, by which the world knows you- your separate independent identity

  1. Learning

Learning is a lifelong process. Being a homemaker also provides you learning in terms of management, patience, self-control, etc. But being a business woman provides you learning on the ground level of how the whole ecosystem works.

You become a better manager of self and your family

  1. To make a difference


Make a difference to the world by your divine energy. You are one of a kind, let the world know and benefit from you. Give the world your best and receive the best in return in terms of recognition, money, respect, etc.


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