Why Does Public School And Public Education Matters?

“public schools are the governmental means of protecting the state from the consequences of an ignorant and incompetent citizenship.”

Public schools allow an equal opportunity for students to meet compulsory education laws set fourth by government.

A child’s right to an adequate education is a fundamental one under our government. Public schools are free and open to all on equal terms and allow students to fulfill their fundamental right. When we as U.S. citizens support our public education system, we are investing in the economic and social wellbeing of our society. An education provides students the opportunity to participate fully in the economic.

Everyone has a stake in the success of public schools. When schools are strong and students succeed, we all benefit. The more people who care about and get involved with their local schools, the stronger those schools become. Students and their families, community members, social agencies and business people all have a role to play, whether it’s in the classroom, the boardroom, or at the ballot box at election time.

Why public schools matters?

  • Public schools give all kids access to a first class education.
  •  Public schools exemplify diversity and teach tolerance.
  •  Strong public schools develop strong citizens.
  •  Public schools play a role in building a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.
  •  Good public schools are good for business and the local economy.


School boards matters too

  • School boards set goals for student achievement, and evaluate progress towards those goals.
  • School boards adopt budgets that reflect community priorities for kids and schools.
  • School boards determine which optional courses and programs are offered.
  • School boards hire the administrators who manage operations and provide educational leadership.
  • School boards advocate for kids, schools and communities.


How can you make a difference?

  • Become actively involved in your child’s school. Get to know the teachers and principal, and volunteer when you can. Looking for more involvement? Why not join the parent council?
  • Keep informed about what’s happening in your school division. Check out the division’s website or newsletter, attend a school board meeting, or volunteer in a local school. Have a question about something you hear or see? Ask!
  • Your tax dollars support local schools. Find out how your money is being spent. Every school board in Manitoba holds at least one public budget consultation, and they welcome suggestions and questions from the community. Your input can make a difference to students.


“Public schools allow an equal opportunity for students to meet compulsory education”

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