What makes a person truly happy?

A life is the aspect of Acts, reacts, evaluate, struggle, love, dedication and a number of more feelings. Life shows its true hue with time. Life takes a number of turns during its entire distance. There are tough time which really test your Bravery and your Ability of facing Critical situations. How well you Stuff these Unfavorable Conditions Prove your Status. People just closed their eyes to get rid these hard times of their life but seriously this is not the solutions to avoid these critical problems. Remember that nothing can be done without attempt hard to get yourself out of the trouble without facing the situations. Life is value less without ambition. Life is valueless crucial components in the life which never lets you down and keep your upstanding. Always be hopeful and have trust on god. Everything happen for a reason. Sometime a small trouble makes us to that we are unlucky, unhappy and poor life is devilish etc. but this is not the reality. Think positive stay positive.


Before I give you the 7 Habits of Happy People, I want you to make sure that you are ready for change…

Do you really want it?
Do you truly believe things can change for you?
Do you feel that YOU and only YOU have the power to change your life for the better?
Then you are ready…

Change is hard, and accepting it is even harder, so don’t rush yourself and don’t be disappointed when you don’t succeed at first – give yourself time and keep BELIEVING that change CAN and WILL come…

and now:


The 7 habits of healthy people


Habit 1 : Build relationships
Creating relationships in which you can be yourself, be honest, reveal your true nature and share the experiences that excite you is the first key to happiness.

Tip: Think of someone (a colleague, a yoga classmate, a neighbor) that you really like but never got the chance to spend time with. Call them and invite them for a cup of coffee or give them a gift you think they will appreciate. Be proactive!


Habit 2 :Help Others
Giving is the best way to feel happy fast – we focus on others and realize how much we actually ARE and HAVE by providing for someone else.

Tip: Offer your sister to babysit for her once a week, or bake a bunch of cookies every Sunday fotumblr_la5a6jvgw31qdlfsno1_400r your kid’s sports team…If you work in a small office it is even easier – offer to get the coffee for everyone for a week (they will still pay, you only go through the trouble of ordering 10 coffees at the coffee shop


Habit 3: Stay healthy
Being healthy is imperative to having full happiness, but doing something in the direction of being healthy is as important. The effort you put in eating healthy food, exercising or having an active lifestyle makes you feel accomplished and happy.

Tip: If you are already exercising or eating healthy, that’s awesome! Bravo.. Here is hoe i take care of my body and it makes me feel happy and good about myself.


Habit 4 : Meditation and spiritual Goal
This habit is related to having spiritual beliefs and practicing them on a regular basis. Mind me that spiritual doesn’t equal religious – if you are a follower of a religion or belief, keep practicing that but if you are looking for spiritual enlightenment, start with something that makes you feel closer to the universe. Feeling a part of the whole is essential for happiness – you can start with prayer, spiritual travel and exploration or just going to your community church on Sundays!

Tip:  No matter what beliefs you have, meditation can help you reach deeper into your soul and find what truly ignites your fire. In this article you can find meditation techniques that take less than 15 minutes per day!


Habit 5: Give thanks
Nothing is as strong in making us feel happy and appreciate life as giving thanks and feeling grateful. Being mindful about what we have, the good things surrounding us and the blessings we have been given completely changes the way we experience life…

Tip:  I know gratitude is a topic well discussed by many experts but it is hard to practice it on a daily basis, right? I recently wrote on the topic. I practice gratitude daily by doing the just look at your day and think what could have gone terribly wrong but didn’t. Be creative and think of the different situations that life saved you from today


Habit 6 : Do what you love
One of the habits that all happy people point out is that they engage in activities that bring them joy on a regular basis. Sounds pretty logical, right? But most of us leave our favorite hobbies and activities for when I have time…Experts say that if you want to be happy you need to give priority to the things that make you feel joy (like gardening, playing the piano, hanging out, walking the dog, going to seminars, you name it…)

Tip:Start a 30 Day challenge for yourself in which you commit to spend the first 30 minutes of your day doing what you love – reading, crafting, browsing car racing websites, shopping, wood working…you name it. 30 minutes in every day, before anything else and you will see the change.


Habit 7 :Have a purpose
According to the research when we have a purpose greater than ourselves for which we can apply our unique talents we feel ultimately fulfilled and happy. So to start you need to know what you are good at – are you a good speaker, organizer or cook? Or do you enjoy animals? Or curious about politics? Find out what your strengths are and apply them to achieve something big alone or with others

Tip: Take a personal strengths test to identify areas of your personality that you can use in this habit. We don’t always know what we are good at until we try, right? After you have an idea think of a way to use these strengths in your daily life (Are you analytical? Try to solve a problem for a friend!)
Well, that’s it…hope you can find the time to incorporate those 7 habits of happy people in your life and live the next 12 months happier than ever before..sd

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