What are the Benefit of Investment in Property?

Property has been prove itself as most benefit able investment for an investor from past 30 years. The investor has to decide how much amount willing to invest in property.

Before Investing in property, investor has plan how to pay the amount of property with home loan or through return of investment in form of rental property investment. Investor never take quick decision while investing in the property of residential and commercial.


Tax Benefit in property investment: When any investor invest in residential and commercial property, it got a tax benefit by side of government of India. Major investor got rental benefit, which is one of the trend of making money from living in property or use of property of residential and commercial.



Capital Gains from a property investment:  In This investor invest in project of property where the growth of property is higher, invest keep in touch real estate consultant whenever return of investment is maximum, Investor resale the property with capital growth that property as achieved. So that it is important to try to buy the property in the area where market value is increase.

But it also have risk to decreasing the property rate, it also find as few time property rate of particular area decrease due to many reason like development of area is slow, change of government, and many other reason.



Combing of Capital Gains and Rental Income from property investment: If the investor waiting for right, take regular return of investment in the form of rental income, by rental income many investor make money from one property and investment to buy other property. At Pick time of property growth investor can sale out the residential and commercial property, gain maximum profit for the property investment.


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