Vibrant Gujarat Summit Forced Silence on ZIKA VIRUS?

Three laboratory – confirmed  cases of Zika Virus Disease has been reported by “Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India” in Bapunagar , Gujarat on 15 May 2017 . It is one of the harmful virus which is detected through RT-PCR test at B.J.  Medical College , Gujarat .This virus is spread by day time active mosquitoes “Aedes” ,  mostly affects  pregnancy and can cause defects in new borns . Name of the disease is “ microcephaly “ – a condition in which babies’ head is abnormally small .


A Senior Health Ministry Official reported that around 50,000 tested only three Zika case has been detected so far . The surveillance system of India is strengthened day by day to detect new infections .

According to the sample of BJ medical college –

Case 1 : 34 years old woman delivered a baby on November 9 and she suffered a  low grade fever after delivery . Every one thought it is a dengue but when a sample from patient went to Viral Research and Diagnostic Laboratory  , then the result is positive for Zika Virus .

Case 2 :  A 22-year-old pregnant woman in her 37th week of pregnancy was tested positive for Zika virus disease at the same hospital.

Case 3 : Out of 93 samples ,  One sample from a 64-year-old male presenting with febrile illness of 8 days’ duration (negative for dengue infection) was found to be positive for Zika virus .

Not only India, Other countries  in the Caribbean are worst hit by the disease, a large number of cases have been reported from South and Central America.

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