Types of Kitchen Sinks

While renovating your kitchen, or building an entire new one, don’t leave the sink to the last. as the expression goes, every item however the sink is usually prepared first. but the sink will impact the planning of your house quite an bit!


It is the material which is more important than the manufacturer since the performance of branded sinks of comparable materials has been found to be on par.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel sink

Advantages include versatility of mounts , reasonable costs, and  durability. They have good resistance to heat and stains but are at risk of water spots and scratches.


Types of Kitchen Sinks

These are usually available in two types – cast iron with enamel coating and steel with enamel coating. The execs are  that these are available in a variety of colors and are relatively easier to scrub. The disadvantage is that they chip and crack easily and once the enamel coating erodes, the metal below will begin rust.

Solid Surface:

Solid Surface sink

These sinks blend in with the counter tops and are custom-built in the same material because the kitchen counter. Typically, but , they do not score high on the durability scale as way as heat and sharp objects go


Stone sink

you’ll select to  go traditional and make a sink that becomes part of the stone slab utilized in your kitchen, like in your grandma’s house. This type of toughness ensures that they remain undamaged for decades. This proves to be costlier recently, however, since they aren’t the most popular choice anymore.

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