Tumhara Naam kya Hai Basanti-Lets check it out What Mumbai Police Says

In Sholay film when Jai asks “Tumhara Naam kya hai Basanti” then Basanti replies “Yu ki mujhe jaada bolne ka shoonk toh nhi” & lefts by saying this.  The Mumbai Police say that if someone tries to ask you on the phone like this, then be a Basanti. Infact its the time were you have to use your brain & answer smartly.

The Mumbai Police has started a campaign with the support of Sholay under the Cyber ​​Crime Awareness. Police has told this with the help of a scene of Sholay that if any unknown person tried to ask you about you on the basis of Basanti, then there would be no need to answer on such a Call of Cyber ​​Criminals.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says he supports a traffic and cyber crime awareness initiative by the Mumbai police.

Amitabh on Monday shared a link of the Mumbai police’s tweet about cyber crime, with the help of an image from “Sholay“.

Under this campaign it has been said that “Not the gun but awareness can be your biggest weapon against the online ‘Gabbars‘ reel to real,” – read caption of the Image.

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