Things A MBA Student Should Do…

MBA is probably the last degree a person acquires when he chooses his career in management field. Every single event or any activity tests his skills and morale. But students generally do not polish their attitude or skills and ends up getting an undesirable job.
There is a proverb in Hindi, “Jab Jaago, Tab Savera”, meaning ‘When You Wake Up For Something, it’s a new morning’. I understood very well about what an MBA student should do to polish his profile and his knowledge in the field of interest during my internship. I pursued my internship from India’s best Social Media Analyst Company “Autumn World Wide”, Bangalore for two months as a social media analyst. I always kept my observations and listening attitude strong enough to understand the proper functioning of the company and also understood the culture they follow and their market handling strategies.
I handled nearly dozens of projects, all big shot companies and understood their market and potential customer acquisition strategies. Our company does analysis on all the social media platforms enabling to understand the view points of the customers towards the brand’s product and services. Social media platforms give you access to the viewpoints of all sorts of customers and their psychology towards the brand is understood.
My understandings from this is that social media is a platform where all the companies run their updates regarding new products or innovations in the existing ones. If any MBA student understands how to utilize the social media well, he can do small projects on the company and can present, the same to the company with his/her marketing strategies for the products. This will give you great credentials for running your mind in the corporate manner and you will completely understand, what a company needs for their promotional activities.
Not only these but I could figure out some ways where a student can make up his profile in a way, looking at which any recruiter will be forced to ask the questions which you desire to be asked. Every student should make his/her own website and keep on updating the same with the blogs regarding the interest field. There are many websites enabling students to make their own website for a year period, free of cost. Students should make one and use it for showcasing their study or knowledge about the interest field using blogs.
One student can make multiple websites for various professional attributes and can keep on blogging to show the proactive attitude and the knowledge gained in the particular field. Student is not required to be mobile for earning credentials instead can do small projects on the companies and can earn lot many experiences and appreciations.
Now, to understand different concepts or marketing tools one should be completely knowledgeable or should do a course. Now, for the social media analysis one should know how to use the Facebook, Twitter etc. well. So there are many online courses available for free that can be effectively utilized for learning the in-trend concepts and tools. This will not only give you knowledge on concepts but will also add up a learning certificate to your resume and profile letting the recruiter understand how proactive you are.
Just think, you have added your own website’s name in your resumes, your appreciation certificates from various companies you worked for as an analyst, the skill of understanding and analyzing industrial markets, your online courses, all these credentials will not only make your morale strong but will also make you stand out of the crowd. You can make your attitude polished and can glitter during your placements.

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