The Wedding Plan

Why choosing the right wedding vendor can make all the difference.

It’s your D-day and you want everything to go as planned. But how do you ensure that you have the perfect plan and more so the perfect people to execute your plan? Vendors- your trusty sidekick will come to the rescue… but only if you know their strengths and weaknesses. For years wedding vendors have proven to be a must have asset in weddings both traditional and modern. Their skills, time management, quality service delivery and various other credentials have to be considered before you turn down the meter and hire them.

Before you hire someone to execute your wedding day plan it’s best to check their:

  1. Experience– how many years has the vendor served for. The more the number of years, the higher the likelihood of them having done good business to survive for so long.
  2. Customer satisfaction– how they treat their customers from start till finish will play an important role in keeping your head cool. Most vendors shower flowery words before signing the contract but once the deal is done they take a new form all together- one you wouldn’t be too happy dealing with.
  3. Creativity– just because your uncle’s niece had an Italian style wedding, doesn’t mean that you have to too. Yes, everyone wants to keep up with latest wedding trends but being a trendsetter immortalizes your wedding.
  4. Crisis management– even the best of plans have flaws, that’s how the concept of plan B came into existence. Choose vendors who have the ability to deal with sudden changes in plans triggered by you, your environment or party spoilers. It always pays to have a backup plan in place.

Keep these points in mind and ensure everyone talks about your wedding celebration for years to come.

A bride, a groom, a wedding and then there’s that wedding budget.

A successful wedding has become synonymous with a huge wedding budget. As is a rule of economics- wants are unlimited but resources are limited, so is it really possible to host a wedding-to-remember without choking your bank account? Understanding these few factors should answer that for you:

  1. Guests– the success of any wedding is determined by how much the guests enjoyed. Agreed, most of them come over just to fill their bellies but you did invite them, didn’t you? It’s extremely important to invite guests that matter and not the whole lot of them. Carefully planning your guest list will help optimize food expenditure and thereby allow you to allocate disposable finances for something that really matters.
  2. Need not greed– make a checklist of all the things you would want to incorporate in your wedding, but be practical. Now rank the items in the list based on estimated expenditure, requirement and guest friendliness. Rearrange the items in descending order. Items that score low can be kept optional while items scoring high can be made a priority. It’s important to play fair for this to work, no cheating!
  3. Options and choices– when you have to decide for say, a florist, don’t just rush to the first vendor who gives you a “best price”. Keep your options opened. Do a little research and understand different factors that influence the cost. This will not only give you an idea of cost differences among vendors but will also help you zero in on the optimum one.
  4. Resources– don’t push your budget beyond what you can afford. A simple tension free wedding can make for better selfies than a lavish debt ridden one. Understand your limitations and make the most of what you have instead of fretting over what you don’t because in the end- a happy couple makes a happy wedding.

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