The Mysterious Village of Twins

Hardly anyone would have listen the name of village referred to as Kodinhi however this tiny village is known world over for a most outstanding effort.  It’s naught the residents have done intentionally; in reality they claim to be even as bemused as anyone else. So, what brings the world’s attention to the present asleep, lush inexperienced village that is twenty five kilometers off Malappuram?

There are an unusually high number of twins born here. Kodhini, a city in Kerala, India, with a population of solely 2000 villagers has around 350 twins. Within the year 2008 alone, fifteen pairs were born. This is often a weird development during this city and a story goes that this trend started some 60-70 years ago. Globally, twins comprise simply half-dozen of each one thousands live births, whereas in Kodinhi they comprise forty two of one thousands live births. This is often a 700% increase. India has one in all very cheap multiparous rates within the world, however Kodinhi is near the highest of the world multiparous league.


Many funny stories do rounds within the colleges concerning the academics finding it tough to spot the twins. The native folks too face similar piquant scenario. The mental state isn’t confined to varsities alone. There are jokes that the newly-wed couples of Kodinhi typically mistake their partners for the opposite twins of the pairs within the starting of their marital status life!



Baffled doctors are attempting to unravel the mystery of Kodinhi United Nations agency is self-praise over two0 sets of twins born to merely 2,000 families. consultants United Nations agency have visited the remote tropical village of Kodinhi, in Kerala, are left scratching their heads over the development that has seen nearly six fold as several twins born than the world average. Natural doctor and twin enthusiast Dr Krishnan Sribiju has been finding out the medical marvel of Kodinhi for the past 2 years. Though 220 sets of twins are formally registered within the village Dr Sribiju believes the $64000 variety to be way higher.



The genetic, biological, molecular, hereditary and environmental condition factors of the puzzling phenomena square measure the topic matter of the analysis on the multiple births at Kodinhi. It’s attention-grabbing to notice that the ladies married faraway from Kodinhi and conjointly married to the youth in Kodinhi too are birthing to twins.


Investigate the dual development, drilling into the inheritance of the community to look for the origin of multiparous patterns and genetic predispositions which may provide a scientific breakthrough. Whereas the strange and marvelous phenomena of extra-ordinary concentration of dual births during this village continues, associate degree in-depth study on the assorted factors to seek out out its causes has become extremely essential.

Even as the researchers go back from Kodinhi with more questions than answers, 58-year-old T.K. Abdul Razak, a Gulf-returnee, says he knows what the secret is. He believes that children are God’s gift. “I don’t subscribe to such studies”, he says.


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