The Convergence of Food and Technology – An emergence of the cloud cooking guru

Innovation and growth, the two major mantras of a business depend on the big ideas, how passionate your team is and to what extend they can go to achieve the impossible.

One such team that is working hard towards achieving great heights is Cloud Chef. Talking to this team of young and dynamic minds made me realize each individual’s determination towards achieving their goals. Despite the team keeping the information confidential, we managed to take away few things about the company and how the idea came about.

The founders Mahroof T V (CEO) and Muhammed Jabir (COO) come from a family with a business background. With a great knack of sales and marketing, Mahroof is a management graduate with 2 years of experience in sales and runs a restaurant in Koramangala, Bengaluru. Jabir on the other hand is a graduate in Aircraft Engineering and has a 7 years experience in his family Timber business and is the mind behind the team’s analytics and operations.


An idea that kept moulding in Mahroof’s mind, became a solid piece of Nov 4,2016, 4 days before the dreadful demonetization situation hit the country. With the rise in the digital eco-space and new developments in technologies especially the growth of AI and robotics, the team saw the advancements from traditional to technological methods and foresaw a great opportunity to merge the art of cooking and the science of technology to bring out the concept of Cloud Cooking. Combining this concept with the raising need for the ‘health’ aspect of consumer food, they found a great opportunity of a rising market for organic food globally.

When asked about the core importance behind this concept, “the philosophy is to empower our customers and stakeholders”, said Mahroof, “With the help of our cutting-edge technology, and our R&D team, we are building on a new and innovative product that is going to bring a great change in the food and beverage industry” he added. The entire team believes in the mantra of nurturing young Entrepreneurs so that we (India) can develop and use our own resources to create world class brands.

With a strong team working on both backend and Sales & Marketing work, the company is in talks for the first level of funding, before the big launch.

With the dedication and enthusiasm of this team, in just a couple of months, we are about to see a great innovation in the Indian Food & Beverage market, that is going to take the market to a whole new level.

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