Tally.ERP9 Professional- Useful or Not ?

 Tally is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning system with an excellent grip in accounting features. Although it has many more core features that a business requires but its hold in accounting is truly commendable. Therefore it is known more for accounting rather than any other of its features.

If I have to mention a single software for a business need even if the business is just starting out, Tally is the one which I would recommend.

The reason for this recommendation is because Tally does all the things that a startup requires.

For example, if you are starting out a general store, what would you require?

  1. Accounting
  2. Billing
  3. Sales and profit analysis
  4. Banking
  5. Inventory
  6. Taxation (VAT, TDS, TCS)

Let’s take an example of a clothing store. What all it requires to maintain a proper record of its functions?

  • How much stock does it hold?(INVENTORY)/
  • How many sales does it make?(SALES)
  • What profit does it make?(PROFIT ANALYSIS)

and so on.

Like this, every organization, be it of any type, accounting, and its analysis is important at every stage. It is a time consuming and hectic process which is made easy by the help of Tally Software.It’s not just an accounting software but a comprehensive system to maintain your business efficiently.

SS Goenka, founding chairperson of Tally Solution Bangalore introduced Tally in the year 1986.This organization is also providing certification course at an affordable price. The latest Tally Software i.e. Tally.ERP9 Professional has many features which are complex, learning the same can enhance your skills and provide you an edge over others. 

Why take Tally Certification?

  • Tally is one of the leading accounting software being used in India. The one certified with the same will be given preference in the field of commerce.
  • Tally is in prime partnership with GST. It has been expected that lot of new job openings will get created once GST is rolled out and so demand of Tally will.
  • It will enhance your skill and will provide you an edge over others.
  • It is assigned to integrate all business operations like sales, finance, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and so on. Tally facilitates accurate and up to date business information your fingertips.

Who all should go for Tally.ERP9 Certification?

  • Commerce Students: Commerce students should learn tally because

a majority of small and medium enterprises use Tally.ERP9.

  • Anyone: Anyone who wants to learn and perform accounting, inventory and taxation work on Tally.
  • Business Owners: To become independent and perform accounting services for self-in-house.
  • Accountants: Accountants including Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, etc.

So, this was all about Tally, to know more visit www.cyberoism.com.

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