Speed – DO Every one has IT?

  You meet people who have there own attitude , everything is wrong according to them and what they say only is correct. Life Moves on for everyone but how fast it is decided by the vibes which we generate from our mind , out thoughts, our life vision and our body.
Moment we spend our time in just thinking and more thinking it goes as wasting time with to resources used. Every one wants to catch speed and do faster implementation of things but very less can understand what is the actual meaning of speed.
A Runner , who is running very fast in beginning of a race can not run steady for whole race. He can be fist initially but with after few kilometers, his position will be on decreasing as the energy level can not be sustainable in this manner.
Actual Speed is one where we go regular , continuous and do not have set backs because of what other says should not be really important at all.
SPEED with Positive Attitude = SUCCESS 

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