Simple Steps for Women to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

There was a time when I used to feel so tired after reaching home and there was a lack of energy or enthusiasm to do anything. The worst part was I couldn’t do things which I really enjoy doing like reading, watching films or listening songs. Further, I was so frustrated with it as I knew it was just a discomfort and not the disease so that I can take leave from work every time I feel tired or uneasy and then one day I decided to take charge of my health, it took me around 3-4 months to make my routine better. After many trial and errors, here are my learnings which will definitely help you as a woman to deal with your health and life in a better way.

  • Understand your body and its responses:

I started taking note of each and every discomfort I have like PMS before periods, fatigue after periods, feeling of uneasiness in closed room, headache due to unpleasant sound, acidity after certain foods, laziness after sleeping a lot or sleeping very less, certain food cravings etc. well, these are very common things and everybody goes through it but these are the things which make our routine life miserable and affect our day to day performance. So take a note of how your body treats you and you will start realizing how you have treated it till now!

  • Take a note of what you eat and when you eat:

This simple trick was suggested to me by a friend and fitness enthusiast. First I thought what difference does it make to write it down on paper but then out of my trust on my friend’s words I started with it and on the very first day I realized there are time slots in a day when my body needs fuel I mean food and it doesn’t get it. This practice really helped me to plan my meals properly.

  • How to stick to your diet:

Every time I read health related article on internet I think this is the next thing I want to try but then I couldn’t do some basic things like eating green leafy vegetables regularly. So the learning here is keep it simple.

For acquiring food (very important step to follow diet plan) according to my diet plan I use online services and take help of friends. So, I can make sure that I have variety of fruits and green leafy vegetables available at home. I make sure I eat them in any way, the day I am too busy to cook different vegetables I just cook them with rice and have them. It is always better to compromise with taste than to compromise with health.


  • How to stick to your exercise plan:

I know the toughest task is to wake up early in the morning, I joined fb group named 5 a.m. club where people post their morning workout updates which is really motivating. Further, I found out friends and relatives who wake up early in the morning and ask them to wake me up. At least for a week these people took care of my morning routine and now after few months my body has its own alarm which rings at 5:00 a.m.

Exercise is all about feeling good, if you can wake up early than only problem you face with your exercise routing may be the problem of body cramps. However, drinking lots of water is the solution and yes for those special days when you are not feeling well due to any reason, please for a walk but don’t compromise on your routine.


  • How to drink lots of water:

I know that colourful bottle on desk hardly works but what worked for me is I have transitions in my work and I think everybody has that so I take one sip of water during the moment I pause to think , moment I check email , the moment I comment on something. So for first few days I consciously made efforts that my each small transition at work is supported by sip of water and now it’s a habit.

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