Today, when we boasts of technological advancements in various fields, the positive outcomes in quality of life people live, still remains a question. Be it health, education, security and other parameters of standard of living, the outcomes of efforts aren’t satisfactory.
Let us try to discuss something about health
Health the most crucial element.
We claim to have advanced in medical care and feel ‘proud’ of having eradicated some diseases that were epidemic in past. But this fantasy needs to end and we should be able to observe the reality. Large number of people are unhealthy, average life, which in villages used to be 80s-90s has sharply comedown. The diseases which were unheard in early ages are becoming a norm and overall medical expenditure is increasing. What kind of advancement is this?
So, what could be the solution?
Step 0: Know your self
Ask any young person in Bharat – what is name of son of Shahrukh Khan? What is date of birth of Sachin? … and such useless questions, they would answer it promptly. Now ask them about themselves – introduce yourself, what is your body comprised of? What is special about human nervous system? How does human brain function?…and hardly there would be any answer.
So it’s pertinent to have the the understanding of self -mind and body.
Step 1 : Understanding definition of sound health
Sushrut Samhita defines sound health as
समदोष समाग्नि च समधातु मलक्रियाः | प्रसन्ना आत्मा इन्द्रिय मनः स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते ||
Three Dosh (Vaat, Pitta and Kaph), three Agnis (one is Jatharagni, other two i am not aware), all the Dhatus, excretion system are in perfect order. Along with this Mann, senses and aatmaa are in a state of bliss.
Thus the sound health ensures health of both physical and mental body.
Step 2: Saatvik Routine – following basics taught since childhood
Getting up early, having a disciplined lifestyle (how to practice it? –read here) helps a lot
Step 3: Saatvik Food Intake
The food makes us what are! Here not only the physical parameters of quality are important, but real thing is the intentions with which food  is prepared. The thoughts of the person who is preparing the food and purpose with which food is prepared impact the thoughts and health of the person who consumes it.
Therefore, first thing to take care in this is homemade food by the family person (not the cook or chef or any servant) is essential for saatvik levels of food. Second, natural foods, easy to digest, normal or low levels of spices, and to be consumed at proper time is also important.

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