Recipe no 3: sense- depression…. times when you are low and can’t seem to get yourself to perk up? I have just the thing for you …this will turn your depression into sheer joy

Depression…such a strong and overwhelming feeling it actually pulls you down to the darkest place.

No I am not trying to make you depressed by talking about depression but I am trying to try and find a way out of it.

My daughter asked me yesterday out of the blue…”mom did you suffer from post natal depression?” I lied to her and told her no. Not because I didn’t want to tell her but because I didn’t want her to think that I wasn’t happy having her. Of course I was depressed, I was overwhelmed, I was lost and I thought of myself as a horrible human being for feeling all of that just when I had given birth to the most precious thing.
Nothing was good, everything had a dull feel to it.. food had no taste , I was craving to eat something that I could taste , that would excite my palate. I was wanting something to happen that was out of the ordinary than my routine with my baby.  My poor husband- Vipul tried his best to entertain me , get me out of the mood but to be honest it wasn’t helping. I needed to feel like I had something to do more than just  to care for my baby, it was irrational but one can’t really rationalize with feelings.
I guess I needed a diversion.So I went out shopping but just came back with a cook book. In that there was some mention of a dish -baked potato…I found that extremely boring…But the strange thing was that I kept staring at the photograph of that dish, there was something about it .

It looked so yummy. After long an idea excited me.. I got up and cooked myself “Baked Potato”- my style. Everyone loved it and for a change I was talking about something other than baby talk with all.
This changed my entire mood… I enjoyed eating it. I could taste every bit of the bite. Felt the cheese melt in my mouth… That’s when I realized that how we feel is completely in our hands.

We could just sit around mopping and feeling sorry for ourselves or we could channelize those feeling and actually derive something out of them.

We chose what we want and who we want to be….

For me food was the calling…

I am not saying that food is the cure for not at all

All I am saying that we need to understand what will make us happy.

So here is the recipe of something that pulled me out of the sadness…
“Baked Potatoes”


  • Potato- 6 to 7 ( finely sliced)
  • Fresh cream
  • Cheese ( grated)
  • black pepper
  • Salt to taste


  • Per heat the oven at 120
  • Peel and slice the potatoes into fine thin slices (oval shape)
  • Take a baking vessel ( round or square) coat it will some butter
  • Put the slices of potato as base
  • Add cream to it
  • Then add cheese on top of it
  • Add salt and pepper as per taste
  • Keep repeating the process till you have like 5 to 6 layers of  the potatoes.
  • Finally cover the top layer with cheese and put it to bake at 180 for 20 mins
  • Remove it after 20 mins and serve hot

Happy Reading Happy cooking happy eating.

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