Reboot your brain and refresh

Take a walk outside :
when you sit still your body systems are at rest moving still your body systems are at rest moving your body helps wake up your . Parts of your cells that generate energy .Which helps the body produces more energy.
To fresh air and stimulates blood flow to the brain and you regain the energy and focus .We have any problem and thinking creatively getting up and walking .
Drink water :
If you are in lacking of focus go and drink one glass water . keep the small bottle of oil of your desk . And take healthy snakes and we will get the focus .take snakes should have proteins and it give balance your blood sugars . To experience flow you skill level needs to be sufficient to challenge with confidence . As you work notice when your skill challenge match is out of balance
Steps to reach your goals :
you need to have some idea about how to get from point .stress can really mess you up it can slow you down and it causes you to make bad decisions a road map to healthy aging brain .
Inability to focus :
When your mind chances gears that rapidly ,part of your brain is still engaged in the previous task and you don’t have all of the attention and resource necessary to concentrate on the current task . This slow down productivity and reduces your ability to fliter relevant information from irrelevant information.
Stress :
when people get stressed there is a part of the brain .The arises when there is no immediate physical danger .Refresh your brain is easier than you think. Here’s the first and only step do nothing .recommends simply setting aside 10 minutes each day to quiet your mind .

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