Monsoon has arrived and our craving start with the yummy and delicious food.

Rainy day should be spend at home with a cup of tea, samosa and dishes that make us believe and feel great.Monsoon has finally arrived and so has our desire to munch on a lip smacking hot samosa, hot bhayiyas, pakoras with green chutney, roasted bhutta rubbed with lemon. The list is endless…It is a pure pleasure to gorge on some tasty hot snacks along with a cup of hot coffee or tea on a rainy day.

From the first drop of the rainy season the human tooth desires for some yummy, tart, zesty and flavorful snacks. Regardless of whether custom made or road nourishment, the two tastes similarly heavenly and is recently the thing you needed. The stormy season is the point at which certain nourishments show up which everybody pines for on those sad days. With the Monsoon comes those Street Food slows down serving pipping hot fricasseed firm treats, steaming hot and fiery nourishments and mainstream hot refreshments like Masala Chai and espresso.

One cup of tea make us feel warm and good so, if we are having the season of rain then this cup of tea is a best option to have a and is like “we are having the cherry on a cake“. and one no beat this either it will be the lassi, soda or the juice.
Hot tea or Masala tea in this cold and rainy weather is the best thing one could ever drink. 
Pav Bhaji :-

How can we miss this second national dish of Mumbai? My favorite: the thought of eating Pav Bhaji gives us satisfaction, so I wonder how amazing it feels to eat it actually the food for rainy season.


We can cheerfully entertain ourselves with this garma garam Samosa and Chutney mix unfailingly. This nibble is the most loved of each Indian and now and then it is totally okay to entertain yourselves with seared sustenance in blustery season.

Corn aka Butta is our life savior this rainy season and most loved food for rainy season. Eat it at home with family or at a stall with friends, the hotness of butta with the taste of salt and lemon will make your day complete, and its gave complete taste of its own world.


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