Journey of Amir Khan transformation for DANGAL


Hi this is Nitin setia many of the people are now days talking about Amir Khan’s Transformation.

Guy’s many reasons are there for his transformation. Some people are thinking he takes steroids for his transformation and it is not natural. Guy’s there is a lot of efforts and dedication towards his diet and supplements are the part of journey but diet and exercise cannot replace it. Supplements are useful while you are training yourself but after the gym the most important is diet you can’t replace your diet with supplements As Amir said in his interview that nobody can transform himself just because he is doing training in gym for lot of time. There must have balanced diet, exercise, and sleep. The game changer in his transformation is the low carbs and high protein diet.  

As you see him before Dangal he is very fit in his physic his body fat was at that time would be approx 9 to 12 %. His director in Dangal said him to do that part of movie in which he has to look fit. but he is Amir as you know him MR. Professionalist he choose to start first  that part in which he has to look bulky and the journey to become lean from bulk and from 30-35% body fat to 9-10% body fat was amazing. Guys it is inspirational to all of the society who think that we are fat and there is no chance to fit. You can start to be fit from anytime when you determine to be fit. It’s all about the game of mind.

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