India Big Railways Network get one more additional benefit of High Speed Internet on Rail Station

Our PM announce that all train stations of India that free Wi-Fi Service to millions of people. In past few year, 100 million of people are using the Internet Services. With In the few more than more people are going to use internet services, the internet services user of India so going to Increase, so its chance of one billion people in India who are not online so start using the free internet service.

It help next billion of Indians are online, so that they can learn more get better to develop yourself with information, jobs, learning habit. This is not a slower learning environment, User have high speed broadband Availability on web browser. Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announced a new project of High Speed Internet Wi-Fi service on 400 train stations of India and is new product of Digital India.


Since India Railways is world largest railways network and Rail Tel which is providing services India Railways Network, Fiber lines along with railway track are planning to setup on railway station in the couple of month. As the network vast, quickly planning to cover 100 busy stations of India before the end of year 2016 and remain station is plan after completion of 100 station target.

First 100 Railways station get online, the High Speed Internet (Wi-Fi) will be available to approx. 10 Lakh consumer who use India Railways every day.

This Project publicly too large, and it’s one of the largest Wi-Fi project among the world Railway and also depends upon number of user using the internet service. But it will be faster than normal user access toady. It allows traveler to browser faster, Download Video or download games for the journey. Best Part, this service is free to consumer by Rail Tel and its Partner.


This approach helping the Indians to use internet without knowing the language English , user can search in Hindi Language and result of search will be come on Hindi language so that thousands of user who facing that difficult while using internet because India , 70% of total population known Hindi Language better than English language and one of other product help the user for internet experience that Hindi Voice Search, an improved Hindi keyword  and support is available in seven different Indian language is available in android smart phone.


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