Here are some practical’s tips on how to study

WANT IT: Everyone should know what they are studying and why make sure that you do know what you want from each subject that you are studying ,and how your life will be changed when you reach your goals

GET THE OVERVIEW: When studying, do not drift from week to week wondering what’s going on. work out how the syllabus has been put together. know how the Subject has being assessed. Read the assignment question at the beginning of the session, not the end. check out past test paper at the beginning of your studies, not the end. all the gives you a sense of how the session plans has been put together and where you are going each week.

ONE WORRY AT A TIME: One thing that can stop people achieving enough when they sit down to work is too much worry. they sit down to work is too much worry. they sit down to study a chapter,and worry about the two other chapters that they also have to study.they worry about the weather or the bills.they worry about anything and everything.if we worry about everything,we do of the hardest tricks to being a successful student is to learn how to worry about one thing at a is as if we need to set up a set of shelves in our brain.we then need to put all our different worries on the shelves.learn to take down one thing at a time and give it our total concentration.when we have finished with that ,put it back on the self and take down something else.this is a skill that has to back.learned and developed through practice. One thing that can stop people achieving enough when they sit.

BE ACTIVE: when studying independently,be just as active as when you are in a actively,asking questions as you go.think about the information that you are receiving: what does it mean?do you understand it? If not,what are you going to do about that?how information in this way is a really important part of active learning.make active notes-typically, key word notes –in patterns

REVIEW ACTIVELY: At the end of each study session-independent study or a lecture or class-take some time to reflect on what you have read or heard. check brief notes to make the learning conscious.

RELAXATION AND DEALING WITH STRESS: remember to make time to rest, relax and let go of stress .this is important .yo need rest to carry on . stress relief allows you to let go of tension,and this help you to perform better.when we are stress,our body releases cortisol, a hormone that has a direct impact on a brain causing the cortex to shrink.further,stress releases adrenalin, the flight or fight hormone.the combination of these hormones eliminates short term memory and produce the narrow,tunnel vision necessary for flight or fight .this might saves our lives when escaping from a burning building,butworks against us when studying, where we need breadth and depth of vission.

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