How to keep your Stomach Healthy

We face differ types of diseases and health problems because of the way we are living and leading our lifestyle.

However , one of the most important factors that effect our health and body is our food habit.

We have to keep in mind that our stomach is not a bin where we put anything and not to remind our mind even if we are busy.

We cannot continue eating junk and sticky food every-time , no matter how time it save and tasty they are but at the same time the much we eat junk the more we are giving harm to our stomach .

Lets Follow these tips and improve our lifestyle


  • First of all , try to make a chart of the things which we eat regularly and this will help us examine our diet what we are eating and we can plan a diet accordingly for next day.


  • Try to replace one of the heavy meals which is breakfast , lunch or dinner with a big glass of fresh fruit juice or a shake.  Usually ,  big glass of shake or juice includes all the essential vitamins and proteins that will keep you going throughout the day .

Image result for Try to prepare junk food at home we know it will not completely substitute with junk food but atleast 70-80% it will fulfill our crisp.


  • Drinking plenty of water is the key to keep our stomach healthy . One should know that drinking water is one of the most important component which keep our body fit and going.It not only re-hydrates our cells , organs but also keep our digestive system on a track .So one should drink atleast 13 glasses of water throughout the day .


  • Eating Fruits and Vegetables helps our body to gain the minerals and vitamins and keeps our digestive system and brain clear and load with the essential components.Image result for fruits and vegetables
  • Try to prepare fast food at home as it will be healthy and fresh, we know it will not completely substitute with junk food but atleast 70-80% it will fulfill our crisp.

We all know that we cant completely drop eating junk food but if we can avoid as much as we can so it is good for our health as we know that junk food is tasty and mouthwatering and it is hard to resist so we can eat but lets not make a habit . We can eat it but try to eat once a week .

So these are some tips which we can follow in our daily routine and it will help us keeping our stomach healthy.

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