How to get a first rank in gate exam 2018

It is simple believe in yourself and hard work with a plan. I made a plan for gate study but was not always successful in following then, but I if a plan fail made another study plan so planning is important it is very said that if you fail to plan you plan to fair. After all this plan study and hard work you also need sell believe

Always have a faith in your ability don’t do that regardless of the condition as faith in yourself that you will succeed. Where 3-4 month before gate exam at one point of time after some failure in test series I went to depression I started thinking I will never to able to get even the cut marks but them after some time I gather courage and worker hard on weakness and now here I am got a rank in first so my friend in the end I would suggest you just continue in your abilities first then make a plan and work hard on if you eventually become no 1.

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