How to Deal with Arrogant Children

How to Deal with Arrogant Students

Teaching is a challenging profession. A teacher is expected to handle and deal with students with different mind sets, culture, behavior etc. Firstly all the students should be treated equally by a teacher.  A teacher is expected to act as a psychologist, understand the mind of the student and act accordingly. There are a number of ways as to how a teacher can deal with arrogant students. A teacher should always be calm and cool even if the students talk rudely. But they with their gestures should make the arrogant student realize that he or she is wrong. The teacher should always try to keep the arrogant students busy. They should be assigned some work with a time deadline. This will help in keeping their minds busy and as a result they will not think anything negative.

An arrogant student should be made the leader of the class. He should be assigned certain responsibilities and be given the consequences for not performing them sincerely. A teacher should counsel such students and always avoid punishing such students. Punishment can actually de motivate them and further increase their arrogance. A teacher should not distinguish between different students by addressing them “good” or “bad”. They should encourage the students to participate in extracurricular activities and be punctual in class. It is better to deal with arrogant students privately. They should not be embarrassed in front of the entire class.

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